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What is the All-in-one Schema Pro plugin?

AIOSRS Pro stands for “All In One Rich Snippet Pro”. This plugin will provide you to add Schema on your web page in JSON-LD format. A schema can be implemented in three form those are JSON-LD, MicroData, and RDFa for further information please click here.

Currently AIOSRS Pro plugin providing following schema types:

  1. Article
  2. Book
  3. Course
  4. Event
  5. JobPosting
  6. LocalBusiness
  7. Review
  8. Person
  9. Product
  10. Recipe
  11. Service
  12. SoftwareApplication
  13. VideoObject

This plugin will provide following Schema types in upcoming version:

  1. LocalBusiness
    1. Restaurant
    2. Dayspa
    3. HealthClub
  2. Music
    1. Music Album
    2. Music Group
  3. Movie
  4. TV
    1. Episode
    2. Season
    3. Series
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