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This schema type also helps users get an overview of your services, the areas you serve, address, price range and more.
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Click on the Service schema type from the Schema Pro interface.

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Select the posts or categories where you want to implement it.

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Verify or modify the automatically mapped fields and publish.

Speak about the type of services and the areas you serve

It's always good to reveal what you offer and the areas you serve. This gives users an overview and lets them know what to expect from you and your team. By mentioning the areas served, you are sure to get targeted audiences visiting your website through search results.

Area of expertise
Contact information

Let your contact information be displayed in search results

Ranking in search results not just brings you more website traffic, but can also pull in direct business. Therefore, adding your street address and telephone number in rich snippets gives users a direct way to get in touch with you quickly.

Add attractive descriptions accompanied with price range

A precise service description along with the price range gives users a transparent overview of what to expect. You can take advantage of this schema markup to display competitive prices and get more relevant website visits.

Price range
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