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Select Schema Type

Click on the How-to schema type from the Schema Pro interface.

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Select Target Pages

Select the pages and categories where you want to implement it.

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Configure Schema on Single Page

Edit the page and scroll down to fill the How-to schema fields at the bottom.

Add an attractive introduction highlighting the end goal

The schema markup lets you add an appealing name and a description to your how-to pages that will get displayed in search engine results informing what the page is all about.

Attractive introduction
Procedure steps

Your procedure steps can help search engines and people have an overview of it

It is always a good idea to give an overview of the entire procedure before users actually arrive on the page to know more.

You can add additional information about the requirements needed

People often want to know the time a certain procedure will take, the material and tools required so that they can be well prepared for it. The How-to schema markup allows you to add just that.

Additional info howto
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