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Edit the Gutenberg Page

Edit the respective Gutenberg page or post where you wish to add the How-to article.

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Add the How-to Schema Block

Search and add the block just like any other Gutenberg block on the page.

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Add the Steps and Details

Fill in respective fields to display steps and then then time, tools or material required.

Build Effective How-to Pages Easily

You might have come across how-to blogs, tutorials, procedures, or recipes where things are explained in a stepwise manner. You can create such how-to pages in Gutenberg with Schema Pro.

How-to pages explain everything about procedures including its detailed description, required material, estimated time, and so on. Shema Pro’s How-to block offers all fields in one place. So that you can create how-to pages quickly and easily.
What is howto schema
Generates howto markup automatically

Generates How-to Schema Markup Automatically

How-to block scans the content you add and generates the How-to schema. This means that you don't need to worry about generating schema markup manually.

How-to schema helps search engines like Google to understand your webpage better make it eligible for rich results. This will ultimately bring you a higher search ranking and eventually more traffic.

Readymade Fields to Add How-To Steps

In order to add How-to content, you would need different fields. Adding all the required fields manually can be a time-consuming task. Schema Pro's How-to Gutenberg block offers you a ready-made structure where you can easily add all required steps.

You can customize each step as per your need. Each box offers an option to add Title, Description, Image, Separator, Link. Not just this, you can even style these boxes with colors, typography, and spacing.
You can add –
Readymade steps how-to
Style up how to

Style-up Your How-to Content With Advanced Options

Every website has different colors, typography, and style. You can design your How-to page with a flexible block to match your website style.

The How-to Schema block offers options to set color, typography, and spacing for every section in the block. You can creatively design this section and make it look good.
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