Nokia product
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Select Schema Type

Click on the Product schema type from the Schema Pro interface.

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Select Target Pages

Select the posts or categories where you want to implement it.

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Verify and Publish

Verify or modify the automatically mapped fields and publish.

Create a great product introduction so users would want to know more

With fields like product name, brand name, image and description you can cover up everything that you want users to know about your product. This schema markup will help you attract users who pick products based on their brand name and specifications that can be mentioned in the description.

Product information
Product availability

Let users know the product availability through rich snippets

If you deal with physical products and would like to display their availability right when users search them through search engines. This will help users be assured that the product they are looking for is available with you and they’ll click further to arrive on your website.

Display real product ratings and review count that proves authenticity

People love to invest in products that have been used and liked by others. Displaying ratings and the review count in rich snippets shows people that your product has been used and reviewed by real users.

Real product rating
Product cost

You can also include the cost of products to maintain transparency

Your rich snippet can include the price of your products along with the currency so users can get an overview of it through your listing in search results itself.

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