Schema Course Markup

How to Make Rich Snippets for Course?



A schema markup for a course makes sure that it gets found in search results. Display all the information you can and get found by students looking out for a course like yours. If you are an organization that offers online courses and teachings, you can use the course schema markup to highlight your course and be found.

How would it look?


Required Properties

  • Name of the Course
  • Description
  • Name of your Organization
  • URL

Configure in 3 Easy Steps

Steps 1: Select course as your Schema type.


Step 2: Set enable on rules by selecting posts you wish to use this schema for. You can select multiple pages and posts you wish to add the markup to. Schema Pro also allows you to add exclusion rules for certain pages and posts.


Step 3: Complete the setup and make sure you check the mapped fields, add necessary schema information on individual posts and pages and test the schema.


Schema Pro maps the schema fields with global and meta options, custom URLs, etc. It is recommended that you check the mapped fields after completing the setup.

Publish your Schema Markup!

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