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Course schema markup
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Select Schema Type

Click on the Course schema type from the Schema Pro interface.

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Select Target Pages

Select the posts or categories where you want to implement it.

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Verify and Publish

Verify or modify the automatically mapped fields and publish.

Use a self-explanatory title and in-depth description for your courses

With the course schema type, you can customize the title and description so search engines understand it better and show it up when prospective students are looking out for courses like yours. With a precise title and description, you are sure to inform users what you are offering and what to expect within.

Self explanatory title
Course timing duration

Tell people the timing and duration of your courses so they know it pre-hand

It is important that your students know when a particular course will be starting and the total duration so that they can plan things accordingly before taking up your course.

Accompany the ratings with an image to grab more attention

Visual content in rich snippets will attract more users and boost your website’s click-through-rate through search engines. You can accompany your ratings with an image for better exposure.

Acompany the ratings
Reviewer name course

Fetch more review information in rich snippets so they look realistic

You can add the reviewer's name and the review date so it looks more realistic and people believe what they first see. A reviewer’s name may show authenticity and the review date will help when you have recent reviews showing up.

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