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How to White Label Schema Pro

Ever thought about giving Schema Pro a personalized and cool name that fits seamlessly into your brand? Imagine, rather than just “Schema Pro” on your WordPress dashboard, it could be “Super Schema Master” or “My SEO Secret Weapon.”

You have the power to add your own description and link it to your website, making it an integral part of your fantastic brand. This guide will take you through the steps of white labeling Schema Pro.

How to Whitelabel Schema Pro

1. Click on the Settings menu in your WordPress Dashboard.

2. Click “Schema Pro” from the setting option in your WordPress dashboard.

3. Click the White Label option Tab.

4. Now configure the fields related to white labeling the Schema Pro.

The listed fields are: –

Plugin Name

You can add your desired name to the plugin.

Plugin Short Name

Add a short name for the plugin. Eg: – MySchema.

Plugin Description

Add a short description that describes the plugin’s nature.

Author / Agency Name

If you are an Agency then add your agency name. Else if you are a freelancer you can put your desired name.

Author / Agency URL

Add the URL of your Agency or your portfolio if you are a freelancer.

Hide White Label Settings

If you wish not to show the White Label setting tab to your client then check this option.

5. Once all settings are properly done then you click on the Save Changes button to take the effect.

6. Once the setting is saved the new name of the plugin will be shown instead of Schema Pro.

We hope this document has been helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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