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How to Configure Schema on a Single Page/Post?

With Schema Pro version 2.0 you get page-level controls to configure schema.

In this article, we will see details about it.

What does this feature mean?

Page-level controls for schema configuration means – the schema you apply from Settings > Schema Pro > Schemas will also be available on selected pages and posts. You can edit these values and modify them for a particular page/post.

For example – If you create Article schema and enable it on all singulars, it will be available on all individual pages/posts.

Article schema on singulars

So when you visit a single page/post you can see all Article schema fields.

Article schema settings

If you have applied more than one schema on a page, all of it will be available as shown in above image.

When this can be used?

This is useful when you wish to change the schema for a particular page/post. With this, you will not need to edit schema under Settings > Schema Pro or create a new schema with different configurations.

This saves your repetitive task to create and maintain new schema.

How to use this?

1. You must have created schemas under Settings > Schema Pro > Schemas.

All schema in list

2. Make sure you have enabled it on pages/posts.

3. Now edit the required page/post and scroll down to the bottom. Applied schemas will be available here.

Schema on single

4. Edit/update the values you need and save changes.

Note: By default all fields will fetch values from schema under Settings > Schema Pro. You can change this and choose another values from the list or set manual values.

5. You might see some of the fields marked in red color. These are required fields in the schema that do not have any value. Skipping these fields will add invalid schema markup to the code.

Schema pro invalid

If you don’t wish to fill these fields you can skip them from rendering. Option to do so is available under Settings > Schema Pro > Configuration > Advanced Settings > Skip Rendering Invalid Schema.

Read more about this option here.

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