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How to Apply for Schema Pro Affiliate Program?

Follow this step by step guide to apply for our Affiliate Program. It will give you affiliate links for all our products sold on the store.

Create an Account on Brainstorm Store

Before applying for the affiliate program, you need to create an account on Brainstorm Store. Visit the following link and create an account on our store.

Apply for Affiliate Program

After creating an account on Brainstorm Store, login into your account at:

Fill the Affiliate Registration Form and click the Submit button.

After successful form submission, you will see the following message.

Wait for Approval Email

We will review your affiliate request within 24 hours. Once your request is approved you will get a similar email as seen below.

Affiliate Links for Promotion

On the affiliate area page,, you can see all your affiliate links.

You can see the affiliate ID and affiliate URLs as shown in the screenshot below.

Use these links to promote any products developed by Brainstorm Force.

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