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Mapping Your Schema Fields in Schema Pro

Schema Pro allows you to map schema fields with Global options, Post/Page meta options, Custom Fields and ACF(Advanced Custom Fields) generated meta fields.

You’ll see a Drop Down menu in front of each Schema field. This is where you can select the option with which you want to map the current schema field.

Mapping Options:
Mapping options are categorized mainly in 4 groups. Under each group, you’ll see many options that are required for mapping. Group options are also categorized by the field type. Currently Schema Pro supports text, date, image, and repeater field types. A repeater type contains multiple fields so it works like a group of fields.

Group of options is separated for field text/date and image.

Text/Date type option Groups:

  1. Site Info
    1. Site Title : This is your website title
    2. Tagline : This is the tagline you’ve entered for your website
    3. Site URL : This is your website URL
  2. Basic fields – Post Meta
    1. Title
    2. Permalink
    3. Content
    4. Excerpt
    5. Permalink
    6. Author name
    7. Author first name
    8. Author last name
    9. Publish Date
    10. Last Modify Date
  3. All other Custom Fields
    1. Select Custom Fields here
  4. Custom Info
    1. Custom Text

Image type option Groups:

  1. Site Info
    1. Site Info Logo
  2. Basic info – Post Meta
    1. Featured image
    2. Author image
  3. All other Custom Fields
    1. Select Custom Fields here
  4. Add Custom Image
    1. Custom Image
    2. Image URL
All other custom fields: This is used to select custom meta field with a key/name. When you select this option, it will show you a search field. You can use this field to search your post meta key and select that. This is useful when you wish to fetch custom fields created using third party plugins.
Schema Pro also allows you to create custom fields with just a few clicks. You can simply select the option New Custom Field from the dropdown menu. This will create a custom field for the particular field and place it in a meta box placed in the backend of a post or page where you’ve activated the schema.
  1.  Add Custom Field
    1. Fixed Text
    2. New Custom Field

Schema Pro plugin supports ACF fields as well and you can use these meta fields for mapping as well. Once ACF plugin is activated, a new group (apart from the ones mentioned above) will get added with ACF generated meta fields as follows.

  1.  Advanced Custom Fields
    1. <ACF Generated field – 1>
    2. <ACF Generated field – 2>
    3. <ACF Generated field – 3>

Reference screenshots:

Post meta

  1. Post title
  2. Permalink
  3. Post content
  4. Published date
  5. Excerpt
  6. Featured Image

Similarly you’ll find the Author meta like the one for excerpts.

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