Regenerate Schema

Schema Pro provides the advanced and powerful features of regenerating schema. This helps Google to scan your site quickly, further reducing your page load time.

Let’s understand more about this feature –

How Does It Work? 

Once you apply schema on your site, the schema Pro plugin extracts this schema and stores it. When Google crawls your website this stored schema is served quickly. 

Every time user hits the page, instead of processing schema request again, this saved schema is used. That reduces calls to the database and ultimately reduces the page load time.

All these activities carried out in the plugin backend and you don’t have to do anything to initiate it. 

But you do get control to Regenerate Schema. As the name suggests it is used to regenerate or refresh the stored schema.

When This Can Be Used? 

  • In case you update the existing schema 
  • Add a new schema 
  • You update page/post content or any of the schema field

After such activities if you are not able to see changes in the schema or schema testing tool, try the ‘Regenerate Schema’ option.

Where to Find This Setting?

You will find this option under Settings > Schema Pro > Configuration > Regenerate Schema

Just click on the button and your schema will be refreshed automatically.

Note: You don’t need to refresh schema until any post/page is manually updated or there is other changes in the schema. Once you hit the refresh button, it will clear all the stored schema. No need to refresh it multiple times.