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Add Custom Schema Markup With Schema Pro

Schema Pro provides a range of schema types that you can add to your pages/posts. But there is a number of different types of schemas available on Schema.org.

Schema Pro is continuously adding new types to the list so that you can easily add schema to your website. But in case, with Schema Pro, you don’t find the schema type you wish to add, you can opt for custom schema markup and add your custom code.

With custom schema markup option, you can add custom schema in JSON-LD format easily.

Schema Pro provides dedicated settings where you can simply paste custom code and it will be added to target locations. You can add custom schema globally to all target locations or add page-specific schema.

This article will explain how you can add custom markup. But before you add your custom schema markup, test it with the schema testing tool. This will make sure that the custom code you are adding is valid and generates the expected output.

Here is a quick checklist for custom schema code you add –

  • Be sure to add custom schema markup in JSON-LD format.
  • As the custom schema markup in JSON-LD format, make sure to add it in <script> tag.
  • Validate schema markup with the Structured Data Testing Tool or Rich Results Test before adding to the website.

Here is how you can add custom schema markup with Schema Pro –

Step 1 – Go to Settings > Schema Pro and click on Add New.

Add new schema button

Step 2 – Select Custom Markup and click on next.

Custom markup option

Step 3 – Select target locations to display schema. Choose a location from Enable On option. You can even exclude specific locations with these settings. Once you are done, click on next and complete the setup.

Set display custom markup

Step 4 – You will be taken to a dedicated settings page for custom markup. Here you can choose to add custom markup globally on selected target location or choose it to add on individual pages.

To add it globally – select Custom Markup > Fixed Text. Add your custom schema markup code here.

Custom markup fixed text option

To add it on page-level – select Custom Markup > New Custom Field.

Step 5 – If you choose to display custom markup on page-level, go to the specific page and edit it. Scroll down at the bottom of the page and you will observe a new box with the name Custom Markup. Here you can enter your custom schema code and save the page.

Custom markup code
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