Bringing Repeater Fields Controls on Pages/Posts

Schema Pro already provides page-level schema settings. That means you can have all global schema available right inside every page/post.

These page-level settings used to inherit all global schema settings except repeater fields.

What are the repeater fields?

Repeater fields are a set of options that you need to write a number of instructions. That means if you are adding steps to a schema. you would need these fields for each step.

Repeater fields are available with following schema types –

  • Recipe
  • Book
  • Course
  • Local Business
  • Person

As mentioned earlier these repeater fields were not available in page-level settings. But now with Schema Pro version 2.3.0 all these repeater fields will be available on single page/post.

You can now configure these fields on each page/post and add as much as you need.

Here is quick demo of how you can add multiple fields –