How to White Label Schema Pro?

What is White Labeling?

White Labeling allows you to rename a product and show it off as your own. This setting lets you hide the original identity of a theme or plugin and present it under your own brand name.

White labeling is majorly used when you are building websites for a client and you wish to show that you are the whole and sole developer of it. You can white label plugins and take credit for all the features and functions it offers.

Schema Pro too can be white labeled and shown as your own. Here are the steps you can follow to white label this plugin.

Please navigate to the Settings => Schema Pro => White Label Tab

You can change the following information through the white label settings –

  • Plugin Name: This will replace the name of the plugin with a new name that you set here.
  • Plugin Short Name: This will replace the plugin short name that may be visible in the backend.
  • Plugin Description: This will replace the original plugin description that we’ve added by default.
  • Author / Agency Name: This will replace the original author name (ours) with the name that you enter here.
  • Author / Agency URL: This will replace the link to our website.
  • Hide White Label Settings: This will allow you to hide white label settings from anyone accessing your website’s backend.

Please note: The white label settings will appear when the plugin is deactivated and activated again on a website. If you wish to hide these permanently, you can refer to our article about how you can hide white label settings permanently.