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How to Add a Schema Markup for a How-To Page?

Do you have a website where you share procedures, tutorials, or recipes with your readers? You might have arranged step-by-step instructions that are informative and attractive. But adding HowTo schema to such pages is important since it helps your content rank higher.

How-to-schema type

Schema Pro provides HowTo schema option where you can add details about your how-to content like title, description, required tools, steps, etc.

How-to-schema rich snippet

How to Add the HowTo Schema Markup?

Step 1. Create a new Schema markup by going to the Schema Pro option under WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Schema Pro. Click on “Add New”.

Step 2. Select the type of schema as “HowTo”.

Step 3. Select the pages/posts that you want to apply this HowTo markup to. You can add display rules and also exclude pages and posts you want to exempt this schema from.

Step 4. Click on next and complete the setup.

Step 5. You will be taken to the HowTo global settings page. Here you can set global Title, Descriptions and Total Time for your target pages/posts.

Step 6. Now edit your target single page/post to add HowTo schema for a particular procedure. Scroll down to the bottom and you can see settings for Schema Pro – HowTo schema.

Here you will find following settings –

FieldsWhat They Mean
Name*This is the title of your instructions. Make sure this is descriptive enough. By default, this field will fetch the title of the current page or post. You can also set the title manually.
DescriptionEnter an introductory description of the procedure. Explain what users can learn through steps. By default, this field will fetch the description of the current page or post. You can also set it manually.
Total TimeEnter the total time required to complete the procedure.
MaterialsAdd a list of required materials.
ToolsAdd a list of required tools.
Steps*Here you can add steps that will lead to end results. Note that you need to add at least 2 steps.

– Step Name: Give a step title.
– Step Description: Give a detailed explanation for step
– Step URL: Enter URL if any.
– Step Image: Add an image for the step.

Test Your Schema

Test your schema markup to see that it sets well.

Testing can be done with just a single click with the “Test Schema” button on the admin bar. Here is an article that will show you how you can test your schema. You can also click the button below to take you to the Rich Results Test tool Page.

Once you’re done, you’re all set to see your job posts attracting more applications through the search engine’s rich snippets!

Heads up!

Google no longer shows “HowTo” rich results on search engine results pages (SERPs), whether you’re viewing them on a desktop computer or a mobile device. This means those fancy snippets with step-by-step instructions won’t be displayed in search results anymore.

Setting up other schema types? Check them out below.

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