How to Add Corporate Contact Markup?

Corporate Contact schema will add your company’s contact information in the markup. This information will appear in the Google Knowledge panel in relevant searches (like when a user searches for your company).

Where can I find the setting?

From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Settings > Schema Pro > Configuration Tab > Corporate Contact.

Let’s take a look at the list of Schema Properties you need to fill for the Corporate Contact Markup.

  • Contact Type: Choose what kind of contact point you wish to set – a sales contact point, a customer support contact point and so on.
  • Contact Page URL: This will be the URL of the contact page of your website.
  • Email: Put company contact email address.
  • Telephone: This will be an internationalized version of the phone number, starting with the “+” symbol and country code (+1 in the US and Canada).
  • Area Served: This will be the geographic area where a service or offered item is provided.
  • Available Language: This will be the name of a language someone may use with the item, a service or at the place.
  • Contact Option: This will be an option available on the contact point (e.g. a toll-free number or support for hearing-impaired callers).