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How to Disable Video Fields From the Recipe Schema Markup?

Let’s say the recipe page on your website does not have a recipe video, and you need to remove the video fields from the Recipe Schema Markup,

You can achieve the same using the filter provided below –

You will need to use the filter – wp_schema_pro_remove_video_markup_enabled to remove the video fields from the recipe schema’s markup.

For that, visit your child theme’s functions.php file, and add the following filter at the bottom of the file –

Filter: add_filter( ‘wp_schema_pro_remove_video_markup_enabled’, ‘custom_disable_vc_schema’, 10, 3 );
Description:  This filter is built to disable the video fields from the recipe schema markup

add_filter( 'wp_schema_pro_remove_video_markup_enabled', 'custom_disable_vc_schema', 10, 3 );
function custom_disable_vc_schema( $bool ) {
    return false;

After you add the filter, it will disable the video fields from Recipe’s Schema Markup!

Important Note: It is not a compulsory field, while you will see a warning in Google Structured Testing Tool. And it won’t affect your rich snippet anyhow.

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