What is Schema?

Schema can be defined as a specific vocabulary that is understandable by search engines and can be used to improve your information being found in SERPs.

It is a set of tags or microdata called structured data that you can add to your HTML code. This allows you to add the additional information that you want search engine crawlers to read and display in your rich snippet.

Apart from search engines, schemas help you attract users too. You are more likely to attract your targeted audience when you share detailed information in the rich snippet itself.

The most common Schema markup types being used now are:

  • Article
  • Book
  • Event
  • Job Posting
  • Local Business
  • Review
  • Product
  • Recipe

Why is Schema Important?

As mentioned above, a schema feeds search engines with the right information about a page. Search engine crawlers often read page content and save it as it is. Whereas a schema gives it a meaning. Let us see a few reasons why a schema is considered to be important for a website.

1. A schema helps search engines understand the context of a page

Search engine crawlers often read the content and save that in their database. But, a schema gives a meaning to what is being read.

For example, 1800-134-4568 might just be a number. But, when added to a schema, the search engines are informed that this is a telephone number.

With additional information like the author details, reviews, description and more, search engines get a better picture of what the page is all about. This makes it easier to get ranked higher for a related keyword.

2. It will help you boost your website’s CTR

Very often users tend to click on a result that they find appealing. Even if you aren’t ranking higher, a rich snippet that gives out a clear picture of all you do or everything that your page is all about, will attract users to click on it. Including ratings, reviews, a nice description, etc. could bring in people to know more.

3. You can expect more targeted audiences on your website.

Very often people who are not really interested in your niche land up on your website. They spend a little while and move out doing nothing. This does bring in some traffic, but also increases your bounce rate.

How about sharing all the necessary information in the snippet and welcoming people who are interested in your stuff? This will tell people what the page is all about, after which they can decide whether to open it or no. At such times, people are more likely to get converted because they’ve read about you in search results and have already taken the first step of opening the page.

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