Introducing the HowTo Schema Type in Version 1.2.0

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Before I reveal a good news, I want you to see the following image. It is a screenshot taken for a particular search query. Take a look at the image and see which result looks promising to you.

How-to article comparison

As far as I know, 99% users would want to read the first result since it has quite a lot of details that reveals what the post is all about. It creates a little curiosity and they would definitely want to know what’s more.

When we talk about an HowTo article, it is all about being precise and to-the-point explaining users how they can implement or accomplish a goal.

Search engines have always loved these articles because they guarantee much higher user satisfaction as compared to the other article types. But, simply ranking higher with an HowTo article is not enough! Just like any other page on your website, an HowTo article too needs to be made search engine friendly so that it becomes an eye-catching result on the search engine results page.

Introducing the HowTo Schema Type

A couple of months ago, Search Engine Land released an article stating that a new markup can be used for FAQs or HowTo articles so that they too can grab the attention with additional data added through the schema markup. Read more.

With Schema Pro version 1.2.0 we introduce the HowTo Schema type that will let you implement schema markup on articles that explain how to achieve a result by performing a sequence of steps. One thing you need to be sure of is that these aren’t recipe articles that you are targeting.

This new schema type now ensures that your How To articles get more limelight and can grab more attention among several others that may be listed on the search engine results page. You can read our knowledge article to know how you can set up a HowTo schema markup on your website.

In the Closing!

With the introduction of this new schema type, we want to tell you that there is a lot more planned and being worked upon. We will be back with another bang and a new schema type that you’ll love.

Until then, go ahead and update Schema Pro and markup all your HowTo articles today!

Note: Results in search engines highly depend on various factors apart from the schema implementation. Implementing schema markup only increases your chances to see a rich snippet on the results page.

Have any suggestions or ideas for us? We’d love to hear! Please feel free to get in touch. 🙂

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