The Quick & Easy Way to Automate Schema Markup of the Website

What is Schema Pro?

A Next Generation Schema Markup Plugin

Schema Pro is an advanced schema markup plugin built with latest guidelines and technology to help you implement accurate schema markup 10X faster and much easier.

We have automated the process of implementing schema markup to the best possible extent so that you can generate, deploy and validate schema markup in minutes.


Utilize Full Benefits of Schema Markup

There’s a better and easier way to outrank your competitors.


Latest and Advanced Technology

Schema Pro uses advanced JSON LD code which makes sure that your markup is search engine friendly and accurate. This latest technology does not need schema data to be displayed on the pages or posts. Schema Markup code remains in the backend and does not affect your the website design.


Schema Markup Automation

Schema Pro automates the process of adding schema markups on your website. With a simple click and select interface, you can set up a markup on the entire website in minutes. All the markup configurations that you set are automatically applied to all selected pages and posts. With Schema Pro, you can implement schema markup on hundreds and thousands of pages in few clicks.


Complete Schema Implementation

Schema Pro helps you get full benefits of schema markup, by utilizing both Enhancement and Content Type Schemas. Enhancements are the organization level site-wide schemas like corporate contact, logo, breadcrumb, social profiles etc and Content Types applies to the actual content of your posts, pages, or custom post types like recipe, review, book, local business, event etc.


Advanced Targeting Rules

Schema Pro lets you set up rules to implement a particular schema Content Type to selected pages, posts, or categories. You can now implement schema markups for different post types by using different Schema Content Types. 


Custom Field Support

Schema Pro comes with all the necessary fields that you might want to show up in a particular schema type. But, have you ever felt the need to add some more information fields to it? You can do so by adding custom fields that can be mapped automatically or even map the existing custom fields.


Accuracy and Testing

Schema Pro helps you implement schema markups on multiple pages with an easy setup and error-free mapping process. Schema Pro also comes with one-click testing that analyses your schema implementation instantly.

Get Better Search Engines Results with One-Time Schema Setup

Difference between All In One Rich Snippets and Schema Pro?

All In One Rich Snippets

  • Uses Microdata and RDFa Code.
  • Schema data is visible in the frontend.
  • Information needs to be added manually. You need to enter specific code and values manually for all the pages.
  • No page targeting options. You will need to implement markups on every page individually.
  • No support for third party plugins like ACF, PODs, etc.
  • You can use All In One Rich Snippet and Yoast to work separately on a single website.

Schema Pro

  • Uses latest JSON LD Code.
  • Schema data is only visible to search engines.
  • Fetches information automatically. Automatic field mapping fetches data before hand.
  • Advanced page targeting options allow you to implement markups on multiple pages with just a few clicks.
  • Special support for third party plugins like ACF, PODS, etc.
  • Schema Pro detects Yoast SEO on your website and opens up options for schema markup which can not be implemented by Yoast SEO.

Why People Love Schema Pro?


Your Website Looks Good!

Schema Pro uses the latest JSON LD code that is recommended by Google and does not need to show markups in the frontend. The code is independent of the HTML code and can be added to the backend. This makes sure that your design remains untouched even after markup implementation.

Saves Your Time!

Schema Pro maps fields automatically by simply selecting the source of data. You just need to cross-check and finalize mapped fields. Scheme Pro also allows you to implement schema markups on multiple pages at once. This saves a lot of time and energy that would be wasted to add information manually on each page or post.


Implement Accurate and Complete Markups!

With several schema types and respective fields for each, you are sure to implement an accurate markup with automatic mapping and quick implementation on multiple pages. The ease of implementation and one-click testing lets you be 100% sure and accurate before you go live!

Outrank Your Competitors!

With Schema Pro you get a lot of Schema Content Types and Enhancements to choose from. Moreover, the custom field support allows you to add several custom fields apart from the necessary ones. This gives you a chance to display all the attractive information you wish to add and stand out from the competition on the search engine results page.


Boosts SEO!

The use of latest JSON LD code in Schema Pro makes your markups search engine friendly and provides a better understanding for crawlers. This, in turn, contributes in displaying a well-thought rich snippet that increases your website’s CTR. With Schema Pro you are sure to present a search engine friendly website to attract users.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you cannot import data from All In One Schema Rich Snippets to Schema Pro. These two are different plugins and use different technologies for schema implementation. Therefore, it is not possible to transfer data between them.

Ideally, if you use Schema Pro alone, you are all set and might not need any other Schema markup plugin on your WordPress website. However, if you are already using All In One Schema Rich Snippets, you can use Schema Pro too!

Both the plugins are developed to serve the same purpose; schema markup implementation. However, Schema Pro being the latest, uses the latest technology and has advanced features like page targeting, custom field support and more.

The All In One Schema Rich Snippets is a markup plugin for simple website owners who wish to implement necessary markups on their website. Schema Pro is for those who have a huge number of pages on their website and wish to use advanced schema types with faster, automatic and accurate implementation.

Displaying a rich snippet is completely dependent on the search engine. However, you can give it your bit by adding schema markups to make it easier for search engine crawlers to understand what your website is all about. Adding schema markups only increases the chances a rich snippet being display in search engine results page.

Using Schema Pro helps you enhance these rich snippets with accurate implementation, custom fields, etc.

Schema Pro uses JSON LD, a latest technology recommended by Google. By implementing schema markups with Schema Pro, you are more likely to present a search engine friendly code. Although this does not guarantee a shorter time to display rich snippets, you can be assured that the snippets will look much better with more information.

The All In One Schema Rich Snippets and Schema Pro are two different plugins. There is no way you can transfer data between them. You will need to purchase a copy of Schema Pro, install it like any other WordPress plugin and get started!

Schema Pro comes with several Schema types that can be paired with different kind of pages on a website. Schema markups are a piece of code explaining search engines about the content and context of a page. Therefore, it is important to use relevant markups on particular pages so that you explain the true meaning of it all. Schema Pro offers types like Review, Local Business, Article, Service, Product, Course, Recipe, Person, Job Postings, Software Application, Book, Event and Video.

What people are saying about Schema Pro?


I have used every Schema Plugin for WordPress over the last few years, hundreds of dollars invested, and Schema Pro blows them all out of the water. It’s the only schema plugin you need.

Adam Preiser -


Schema Pro has unlocked a powerful set of tools that produced results almost immediately. As a non-coder, a solution like this allows me to set up and stand out against the competition - and it couldn't be any easier to use!

Kyle Van Deusen - Owner at

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